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Symbol RFS 7000 Wireless Switch

The 802.11n-ready RFS 7000 RF switch from Symbol Technologies can support up to 256 802.11a/b/g access ports and enables Layer 3 roaming, which allows mobile users to maintain a connection to high-bandwidth applications as they roam. Integration with Symbol's RF Management software lets businesses monitor and manage wireless devices to ensure maximum uptime and peak performance on a network.

Number of Wired Access Points

Number of Supported Access Points

RFS 7000 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
RFS-7010-100R0-WR RFS 7000, RFS-7000 Wireless Switch For Use as A Redundant Spare Ships Free Today $5,725.88
RFS-7010-10030-WR RFS 7000, Wireless Switch RFS7000 with 64 Ports Ships Free Today $9,694.81
RFS-7010-10020-GR RFS 7000, Switch Rfs7010 256 Ports-Fips Ships Free Today $28,917.74
RFS-7010-10010-GR RFS 7000, Switch Rfs7010 128 Ports-Fips Ships Free Today $20,326.46
RFS-7010-10040-GR RFS7000, 16port Software Version Fips Ships Free Today $8,153.69
RFS-7010-100R0-GR RFS 7000, RFS-7010 Fips and Cc Zero Port Wireless Switch Ships Free Today Call for Details
RFS-7010-UC-WR RFS 7000, 16 Port Upgrade License Check Availability Call for Details
RFS-7010-10020-WR RFS 7000, Rfs7010 With 256 Ports Check Availability Call for Details
RFS-7010-10010-WR RFS 7000, Rfs7010 With 128 Ports Switch Check Availability Call for Details
The Symbol RFS 7000 is also known as the Symbol Technologies RFS 7000 .