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Symbol SPT1700 Hand Held Computer

Symbol SPT1800 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol SPT1800.
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The SPT1700 family continues the revolution of pocketable computing, combining integrated scanning, sophisticated connectivity and ruggedness with the popular Palm OS platform. The SPT1700 offers ruggedized data communications capabilities with its built-in link to the open architecture of Spectrum24. This wireless LAN from Symbol Technologies enables up-to-the-minute information flow between the point of activity and your remote host systems.

The newest addition to the Symbol SPT1700 family, the SPT1700 -2D, offers flexible 1D and entry-level PDF417 bar code data capture. Available in both batch and wireless configurations, the SPT1700 -2D complements the SPT1700 product family, further expanding the capabilities of a proven productivity tool.

The feature-rich SPT1700 product family extends the reach of IT resources in a host of industries. Warehouse management can easily record new inventory levels to networked host systems as shipments are unloaded. Service professionals in hospitality can offer curbside check-in at hotels, and hospital physicians and caregivers can have the latest patient data at hand. Additionally, with its PDF417 scanning abilities, the SPT1700 enables law enforcement officers to scan vehicle registration or drivers' licenses to gather information immediately. Trade show and conference staff have the ability to process attendee information in real time. And transportation and logistics professionals can now scan bills of lading and other documents encoded with PDF417 two-dimensional bar codes, reducing paperwork handling at the loading dock.

The Symbol SPT1700 is also known as the Symbol Technologies SPT1700 .