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Symbol Barcode Scanners are built to last. Their optimal scanning technology has earned them a reputation as an industry leader in data collection. Symbol Barcode Scanners are offered in corded, cordless, general purpose, and rugged, which makes their ergonomic designs preferred by diverse industries. Symbol was acquired by Motorola in 2006 to extend their product portfolio into mobile computers. Check out our full line of Symbol Barcode Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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Photo of Symbol LS 2208 Scanner Symbol LS 2208
From the checkout line to the back room, the LS 2208 helps you make the most of your application-specific solution in a variety of environments including retail (Point of sale, in store inventory tracking), health care (Pharmacy, inventory control),...
Photo of Symbol LS1203 Scanner Symbol LS1203
The Symbol LS1203 handheld scanner is designed to meet the needs of small retailers, delivering high quality laser scanning, user-friendly ergonomics and durability at an affordable price. From gift shops, boutiques, video and sporting goods stores...
Photo of Symbol LS 3578 Scanner Symbol LS 3578
The LS3578 Bluetooth-enabled cordless, rugged scanner captures all one-dimensional (1D) barcodes - even when dirty, damaged or poorly printed.
Photo of Symbol LS 3578 ER Scanner Symbol LS 3578 ER
Scan all one-dimensional (1D) barcodes from practically anywhere with a Bluetooth-enabled cordless rugged scanner. The Symbol LS3578-ER reads labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as four inches--the greatest working range available in a...
Photo of Symbol LS 3578 FZ Scanner Symbol LS 3578 FZ
Designed to meet the challenges of harsh manufacturing environments, the Symbol LS3578-FZ features fuzzy logic technology which allows first pass reads of nearly any 1D barcode, even when the barcode is dirty or damaged. Reliable and secure wireless...
Photo of Symbol LS 4200 Series: LS 4208 & LS 4278 Scanner Symbol LS 4200 Series: LS 4208 & LS 4278
The Symbol LS 4200 Series: LS 4208 & LS 4278 includes the LS4208 corded laser scanner and the LS4278 cordless laser scanner. The Symbol LS 4200 Series: LS 4208 & LS 4278, like all of Symbol's Enterprise Mobility solutions, reflects a philosophy that...
Photo of Symbol LS 4208 Scanner Symbol LS 4208
The Symbol LS 4208 handheld laser bar code scanner is able to effortlessly speed throughput, even with bar codes in poor condition. Wherever there's a need to quickly capture and process data - such as at the retail checkout counter,...
Symbol LS 9208i
Remember your Reference Guide, Cables, Power Supply, and Advanced Programming Guide accessories.
Photo of Symbol DS 6707 Scanner Symbol DS 6707
The Symbol DS 6707 helps maximize employee productivity and streamline business processes in the retail store, at the post office, in the pharmacy and on the manufacturing floor. With the DS 6707, you get the power of a barcode scanner, digital...
Photo of Symbol DS 6708 Scanner Symbol DS 6708
Maximize employee productivity and streamline business processes in the retail store, at the post office, in the pharmacy and on the manufacturing floor with a handheld device from Symbol. With the DS6700, you get the power of a barcode scanner,...
Photo of Symbol DS 9808 Scanner Symbol DS 9808
With the flexible Symbol DS 9808, there is no need to purchase multiple devices to enable different types of data capture in your enterprise - no matter what applications you need now or in the future, the powerful comprehensive feature set will...
Symbol Synapse Smart Cables
The Synapse Smart Cables allow fast and reliable data transmission from the base unit to the computer.
Photo of Symbol CS 1504 Scanner Symbol CS 1504
While Web access has given customers the freedom to shop anytime the CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner from Symbol Technologies gives them true mobility to shop anywhere. Another breakthrough in consumer barcode scanning technology from Symbol the CS...
Photo of Symbol CS 3000 Scanner Symbol CS 3000
The Symbol CS 3000 series enables enterprises to easily implement 1D laser scanning where either mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is an inhibitor. The tiny device is affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a...
Symbol Antennas
This antenna is an improved version of the original, it directly mounts to the access point. The antenna is equipped with an articulating knuckle allowing for either straight or right angle installation.
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