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Symbol MiniScan Series
Enhance your kiosk with high performance, versatile data capture. One of the smallest charged couple device (CCD) imaging products available today, the Symbol MS4400 1D and 2D barcode scanning, image capture and direct part mark (DPM) reading...
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Symbol MS1204
The Symbol MS1204 Barcode Reader is a compact, durable, industrial fixed mount scanner available in fuzzy (FZY) version for maximum versatility. The MS1204 Barcode Reader features fuzzy logic for premium scanning on 1D barcodes including poorly...
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Symbol MS1207
The MS1207 from Symbol is a compact, durable, industrial fixed-mount scanner. The MS1207 is an excellent choice for OEM devices requiring accurate, automated data collection, even in the most demanding environments. The MS1207 scanner features...
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Symbol MS 954
As one of the smallest, lightest and brightest fixed-mount scanners available today, the Symbol MS 954 is ideal for accurate automated data collection in OEM device designs with space constraints. It provides robust scanning on poorly printed and...