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Symbol VC5090 Accessories

Installation kit and keyboard and bracket assemblies.
VC5090 Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
VC5090KYBD-02R Keyboard (64 key, Backlit, IP66 Sealed, Heated, QWERTY) Ships Today $330.60
25-71918-01R Cable, Assembly, 9 ft, Extended, Coiled. Connects LS34XX to the VC5090. Non-standard USB, call for more information. Ships Today $67.00
25-71919-04R Cable Assembly (VC5090 DC Power Cable - Cold Temp) Ships Today $154.66
25-71920-01R DC Power AC Brick Cable Ships Today $52.74
90500116-R Spare mounting bracket, With hardware, Handles not included Ships Today $159.58
25-71919-03R Cable Assembly (DC Power, SJTOW Rated) for the VC5000 Ships Today $58.44
BTRY-VC50IAB00 VC5090 UPS (Uninterruptable Power supply) Lithium-ion Battery Ships Today $127.62
90500115-R Mounting Handles, Washers, Friction pads, Bolts (2 each) Ships Today $32.80
90500114-R Protector Screen, Half Ships Today $111.73
90500125-R VC5090, 5-Pack, Keyboard cover, Clear Ships Today $82.49
25-71915-01R Cable Assembly, VC5000, USB A Series, Host Ships Today $77.88
25-71914-01R Cable Assembly (Active Sync) for the VC5000 Ships Today $61.80
VC5090KYBD-03R Keyboard (AZERTY, 64 key Backlit, IP66 Sealed, Heated) for the VC5090 Ships Today $330.60
KT-81524-01R Kit, Desiccant. Ships in 24-48 Hours $18.54
90500113-R Protector Screen, Full Ships in 24-48 Hours $154.66
25-71924-01R Cable assembly, Rugged DB-9 Male, For the VC5000 Ships in 24-48 Hours $61.80
25-71916-01R Cable Assembly (VC5000/LS3203 RS-232 Cable) Ships in 24-48 Hours $61.80
The Symbol VC5090 Accessories is also known as the Symbol Technologies VC5090 Accessories .