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VRC7946-00NWWQUS VRC 7900, Vehicle Radio Computer with 11MB Radio, 32 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash, Integrated QWERTY Keyboard and US Power supply Check Availability Call for Details
VRC7946-00HWWQUS VRC 7900, Vehicle Radio Computer with 11MB Radio, Spectrum24 Wireless, Heated Version, 32 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash, Integrated QWERTY Keyboard and US Power supply Check Availability Call for Details

Symbol VRC 7900 Details

VRC 7900 Vehicle Radio Computer

Windows CE Vehicle Mount Data Terminal Features QWERTY Keyboard, 1/2 VGA Color LCD and Extreme Environment Tolerance

Temperature extremes and punishing environments are common to the distribution center and factory floor. The VRC 7900 is specifically engineered to deliver maximum durability in harsh conditions. It supports real-time receiving, tracking, put-away, picking and shipping applications, and provides new benefits for logistics and warehouse management system customers.

Offering the latest wireless LAN connectivity and the ability to interface with scanners, printers and other peripherals, this in-vehicle computer offers true multi-tasking operations and multi-host connectivity.

A Complete Warehousing Logistics Solution

Powered by a 32-bit StrongARM processor, the VRC 7900 provides superior performance and efficiency, running on a wide range of voltages. Microsoft Windows CE offers a familiar operating system, while its modular design and PCMCIA (Type I, Type II or Type III) flexibility also contribute to the product's strength. In fact, the VRC 7900 is so advanced, it is capable of using emerging technologies such as Java and supports both Spectrum 24 2 Mbps and 11 Mbps data rate radios.

A quick-release mounting bracket easily secures the VRC 7900 to fixed-mount locations or to forklifts, and allows for fast porting between vehicles. Its new, angled design makes it easier for operators to safely use the 65-key QWERTY keyboard and view the 1/2 VGA color display without obstructing the driver's vision.

The VRC 7900 is sealed to IP65 standards and offers a cold store heater option that enables the terminal to function at temperatures as low as -22°F/-30°C. To enhance operation in extreme industrial environments, the VRC 7900 features a large keyboard to accommodate gloved fingers, tactile feedback with adjustable audible tones to confirm data entry, and a high-contrast, color touchscreen LCD to provide the best readability under all conditions.

Through its rugged design and innovative features, the VRC 7900 allows operators to capture data on the factory floor or warehouse, and wirelessly download it in real-time to a host computer directly from the vehicle. Two-way communications permit management to reply with new work instructions and timely information updates. Quicker access to data means faster and better decisions, more productive employees and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Features Benefits
StrongARM SA 1110TM processor High-performance and power efficiency from 32-bit StrongARM‚ processor at 206 MHz
Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 OS Provides a familiar user interface and allows for easier development of customer applications
640 x 240 pixel touchscreen color display High-contrast color LCD with backlighting for maximum readability; 16 line x 40 character display when running emulation
65-key QWERTY keyboard Supports up to 24 function keys for VT100/220, 3270 and 5250 TE functions
Wireless networking via Spectrum24 2 Mbps or11 Mbps data rate radios. IEEE 802.11 and 802.11b compliant Seamless connectivity to Ethernet networks and Enterprise Resource Planning systems to support efficient supply chain management
Cold store heater option Reliable operation in temperatures as low as -22oF/-30oC for freezer/outdoor applications
Ruggedized design IP65 rating stands up to tough industrial environments

VRC 7900 Series Specification Highlights

Physical and Environmental Characteristics
Dimensions: 7.9" H x 13.8" W x 5.9" D/20 cm H x 35 cm W x 15 cm D
Weight: 8.6 lbs./3.9 kg (excluding mounting bracket)
Power Requirements: 11-60 VDC for vehicle use Optional AC power supply for fixed-mount applications
Backup Battery: NiMH batteries
Display: High-contrast color 1/2 VGA transmissive backlit LCD; Graphic touchscreen with 640 x 240 pixel resolution; 16 lines x 40 characters for terminal emulation
Keyboard: 65-key QWERTY color-coded and sealed elastomer; "Menu Key" to call up special functions; function keys F1-F12, supports up to 24 function keys for terminal emulation;Tactile feedback plus audible key beep
Environmental Sealing: Meets IP65 standards for protection against dust and water
Vibration: 24G shock load
Operating Temperature w/heater: -22° to 131°F/-30° to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -4° to 131°F/-20° to 55°C
Humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Performance Characteristics
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE 3.0
Microprocessor: StrongARM SA 1110TM @ 206 MHz
Architecture: 32 bit
System Memory: RAM: 32 MB; Flash: 32 MB
Data Communication: RS-232, Serial Port
Programming Tool: Microsoft Embedded Tools Version 3.0
RF Data Communications
Network: Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11 and 802.11b compliant
Output Power: 500 mW U.S.; 100 mW international
Data Rate: 2 Mbps or 11 Mbps
Spreading Technique: Frequency hopping (2 Mbps)
Direct sequence (11 Mbps)
Frequency Range: Country dependant, typically 2.4 to 2.5 GHz
Radio Module: Internal PCMCIA
Terminal Emulation: 3270, 5250, VT100, VT220

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The Symbol VRC 7900 is also known as the Symbol Technologies VRC 7900 .