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Toshiba TEC B SX5T

5" WIDE, 305 dpi, 8 ips, LAN, RFID UHF Gen2, SPRiNT


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Toshiba TEC B-SX5T Printer

The TEC B-SX5T features high speed printing that leads to increased efficiency and productivity. It's designed to be time-saving and allow for minimal training due to it's fast and easy handling. The B-SX5T has reduced downtime and increased productivity as a result of a higher reliability. It also requires minimal repair and recovery costs, and maximized ROI during total life cycle. The B-SX5T creates perfect readability of labels & barcodes due to built-in high quality print technology and also comes supplied with Bartender UltraLite labeling software.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: BSX5TRF25QMRS