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Toshiba TEC TRST-A15 Printer

The TEC TRST-A15 thermal POS printer is designed to operate in all hospitality and retail environments. The TRST-A15, delivering high-speed printing at a low noise level, comes packed with innovative user-friendly features. Up to 25% paper cost saving, flexible choice of interfaces, easy software development, extreme printhead and PC board lifetimes. All these features add up to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. Reducing your paper cost by up to 25% means a significant reduction in operational costs. Tailoring the backside of every receipt for every customer, means no more need for expensive preprinted vouchers or coupons. Color printing allows for messages to be conveyed clearly and effectively. A survey conducted by Integrated Solutions for Retailers found that 90% of consumers noticed color messages and the use of color increased customer return visits by as much as 62%.

Note: Toshiba TEC products are not returnable.

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The Toshiba TEC TRST-A15 is also known as the TEC TRST-A15 .