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TPG Printers offer fast and efficient POS transactions. Check processing, MICR reader, print and endorse checks. TPG printers are uses as multifunctional receipt printer, slip printer, validation printer, kitchen and hospitality printer. TPG is one of the reliable manufacturer of transaction receipt printers. TPG Printer logo

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Photo of TPG A-760 Printer As low as
TPG A-760
The A-760 is one of the fastest and most accurate two-color printers available. With integrated capabilities like MICR and check flip the A-760 has the combination of user friendliness and superior printing capabilities. One color models of the...
Photo of TPG A-776 Printer As low as
TPG A-776
The A-776 impact slip station allows drop-in validation with top, front or side insertion of checks or other forms. It also reads MICR information from checks, general ledger tickets, etc. The A-776 offers a paper low indicator and exhaust sensor,...
Photo of TPG A-798 Printer As low as
TPG A-798
150 mm/sec print speeds, Monochrome thermal printing, Multiple interface options (Serial, Parallel, USB, Powered USB), Spill resistant built-in liquid dam and drainage, Steel modular frame for added strength and faster delivery, Unsurpassed...
Photo of TPG A-799 Printer As low as
TPG A-799
A-799 is the latest printer innovation from TPG and its "champion" of the single station thermal receipt printer line. A-799 is packed full of features and unique selling points that are unmatched in the market.250 mm/sec print speeds, Two Color and...
Photo of TPG B-780 Printer As low as
TPG B-780
The TPG B-780 is the first hybrid printer with a footprint below 73 square inches. Perfect for bank teller stations or anywhere receipt printing and drop-in validation are needed, the B-780 can fit even the tightest point of sale stations. The B-780...
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TPG A721XQ - Discontinued, No direct replacement available. Contact us for comparable substitute.
TPG A-758 - Discontinued, Replaced by the CognitiveTPG A-760
TPG A-794 - Discontinued, Replaced by the CognitiveTPG A-798
TPG A-795 - Discontinued, Replaced by the CognitiveTPG A-799