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TSL 1062 Bluetooth HF RFID & Barcode scanner

Wearable Bluetooth HF RFID and 2D Imager Barcode scanner Set. Includes SDK. (Non-Returnable)

RFID Reader

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TSL 1062 Bluetooth HF RFID & Barcode Scanner RFID Reader

This compact, dual technology HF RFID and laser barcode scanner is battery operated and communicates wirelessly with a host computer via a standard Bluetooth wireless technology interface. The lightweight construction and ergonomic design of the 1062 Bluetooth HF RFID & Barcode Hand Scanner allows dexterity to be maintained in challenging environments, whilst the rugged design of the scanner means that it can withstand multiple drops to concrete.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: 1062-03-BT-HSCAN-KIT-US