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Unitech MS690 Scanner

Unitech MS 830 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Unitech MS 830.
The MS690 scans at a high rate of speed, making it an ideal choice when rapid data collection is essential.
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MS690 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
MS690WA-1U MS690, Decoded, with USB Cable See Replacement Call for Details
MS690WA-1R MS690, WA-1 Scanner (9-Pin RS-232 Cable, A-C Sold Separately) Check Availability Call for Details
MS690WA-1M MS690, Laser Scanner (Handheld, Plus MAC-ADB Keyboard wedge Cable) Check Availability Call for Details
MS690WA-1L MS690, Scanner (with PS/2 Cable) Check Availability Call for Details
MS690WA-1K MS690, Decoded, with AT and PS/2 Keyboard wedge Cable and Stand Check Availability Call for Details
MS690WA-0A MS690, Undecoded, with TTL Cable Check Availability Call for Details
MS690HD-1 MS690, Laser Scanner (Decoded, High Density Scan Engine) Check Availability Call for Details


Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
101000-0150 Power Adapter, 110V Ships Free Today $20.70
MS201 Stand / Wall Mount Holder Ships Free Today $20.80
5200-381680 Mounting Bracket Ships Free Today $16.42
U-ITSNOMNIDL 1-5 Accessories, ITScriptNet Omni License (1-5 Devices - Price is Each Device)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $264
Save 35%
U-ITSN-RTG-U380TABFP Accessories, ITSCRIPT, T & A, MT380 (with FingerPrint Clock In/Out Software)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $126
Save 36%
MS120-T Replacement Wand Tip for the MS120 Pen Scanner
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
1550-201596 HHLC and Wand Emulation Interface Cable (Black) for the MS210, MS265, MS300, MS331, MS690 and MS830
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
1010-900007G Scanner Accessories, Power Adapter - (Power cord Sold Separately)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $25
1010-600889 AC Adapter for RS-232 Scanner, 220V AC to 5V DC
Ships Free in 3-5 Days

Unitech MS690 Details


  • High performance scan engine
  • Superior long reading distance
  • Reads and discriminates commonly used bar code symbologies
  • Adjustable hands-free stand for retail applications
  • Replaceable interface cable
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Advanced Data Editing features
  • Supports configuration cloning through custom bar code labels
  • Supports multiple interfaces
  • 1 year warranty

Though sleek and lightweight , it withstands multiple 5-feet drops onto concrete floor. And the extended nose and rubber bumper prevent further damage. Its high speed scanning, low power consumption and effective depth of field, make the MS690 series suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, our powerful decoder allows data to be edited and formatted before it is sent to the host. This feature saves time and money by making software changes unecessary. The decoded MS690 supports keyboard wedge interface for PC XT/AT, PS/2, Macintosh and over sixteen popular terminals. Wand emulation and serial RS232 are also supported. When used as a keyboard wedge, the operation of the keyboard remains unaffected. It uses a 3-in-1 interface which makes it easy to select and replace connection cables. Like with our other products, configuration of the scanner is fast and easy. A bar code menu provides extensive setup options. A simpler quick setup menu lets users configure common features. Once ready, the configuration can be cloned and applied to other units through the use of custom bar code labels. This is very useful when you need to deploy large installations. It is the right scanner for office automation, retail and light industrial applications. All Unitech scanners are manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified factory. The MS690 series have a 1-year limited warranty.