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Unitech PA962

Wireless Portable Terminal (Windows CEPRO5.0 USB, Laser, Bluetooth, 64MB RAM, 64MB Flash, Color, Battery and AC Adapter)

Hand Held Computer
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Unitech PA962 Hand Held Computer

The Unitech PA962 is specifically designed to increase your productivity in the warehouse, on the road, or in the field by dynamically linking data collection and host systems. The PA962 incorporates a built-in scanner for industry standard barcodes, a 19 key keypad, and a touch screen, making data collection simple, fast and accurate. Expansion slots for WLAN or WWAN makes wireless data transaction possible where you really need it - in the field. The Unitech PA962 features an illuminated screen, a double-cell battery pack for long hours between charges, and Windows CE .NET 4.2 Pro Plus edition operating system.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: PA962-925ADG