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Unitech PW105 Decoder

The Unitech PW105 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The PW105 can process data from any type of scanner and send it to your computer or point of sale station via a keyboard wedge interface. The PW105 can decode all bar code symbologies.
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PW105 Options
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PW105 PW105, PW 105 Compact Keyboard wedge Decoder, Single-Input - *Cable not included, must order separately Check Availability Call for Details


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101000-0010 Adapter (110V to 9V) for PW112/PW120
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Unitech PW105 Details


  • Automatically discriminates input device (wand, CCD, and laser diode scanner)
  • Supports input from bar code scanner, single/dual track magnetic stripe reader, and RS232
  • Reads commonly used bar code symbologies
  • Supports keyboard wedge interface to IBM PC XT/AT, PS/2, Macintosh and 16 other terminals
  • Configures through bar code menu, quick setup menu and custom labels
  • Supports auto flash control of CCD and laser scanner
  • Visual and audio prompts for good read feedback
  • 5 year warranty

The PW105 is a compact and versatile Keyboard Wedge reader that accepts input from a bar code scanner, including wand, CCD, laser and slot reader. It then translates the data into keystrokes and sends it to the keyboard port. The reader automatically reads and discriminates all commonly used symbologies.

The PW105 also connects single/dual track magnetic stripe reader and RS232 devices. It can be interfaced to the keyboard port of IBM PC XT/AT, PS/2, Macintosh computers and a variety of other terminals. Furthermore, it can also output wand emulation or RS232 TTL signals.

Installation is plug-and-play and works as an extension of the keyboard. When installed, existing applications need not be modified and software drivers are not required, making your system more stable.

The configuration gives the user specific control over symbologies, interface, and data editing features like preamble and postamble. There is also the ability to send special keys to the system before or after a bar code is sent.

Its advanced setup allows configuration cloning, making it easy to copy one configuration to other decoders. This is especially useful for large installations.