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Unitech Barcode Scanners are cost effective and built for both general purpose and rugged environments. They have a full line of laser, imager, corded, cordless, handheld, presentation, wand, fixed, and healthcare. They have a line of iOS and Android-compatible barcode scanners that can pair up to smartphones and tablets, including the MS916 (1D), MS912 (CCD), MS920 (2D), and MS910 (1D). Additionally, Unitech has a line of Mobile Computers that are barcode readers equipped with a full operating system. Check out our full line of Unitech Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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Photo of Unitech FC75 Scanner As low as
Unitech FC75
The FC75 reads all barcodes quickly and aggressively. The powerful fixed mount imager not only captures printed 1D and 2D barcodes, it also reads them off screens. Mobile barcodes - barcodes customers carry on their smartphones or tablets as...
Photo of Unitech FC77 Scanner As low as
Unitech FC77
The Unitech FC77 is the ideal on-counter 2D imager scanner for retailers that require high performance in a compact design. Capable of scanning all common 1D, composite, stacked and 2D barcodes, the FC77 is also able to scan digital barcodes...
Photo of Unitech AS10 Scanner As low as
Unitech AS10
The AS10's design makes the scanning process easy and comfortable, making any data capture task more efficient and accurate.
Photo of Unitech MS 910 Scanner Unitech MS 910
The MS 910 weighs in at just .86 ounces and is about the size of a single pack of gum. It has a 5 feet drop threshold and is back by a 1 year limited manufactures warranty. These features help to ensure that the MS 910 provides the ideal solution...
Photo of Unitech MS837 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS837
With advanced laser scanning technology, MS837 has a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD device. Pulsing-laser-line switch allows users to easily target the desired bar code and complete data transmission with the...
Photo of Unitech MS 100 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 100
The MS 100 barcode wand from Unitech comes in two interfaces: USB or PS/2. This wand is perfect for laptops because of its small footprint. It contains its own built-in decoder where information scanned by the wand appears as if it had been typed...
Photo of Unitech MS120 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS120
MS120 Pen Scanner (Stainless Steel Wand) The MS120 Series Barcode Wands are targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions. The advanced optics and electronic design convert bar code labels into a high quality digital...
Photo of Unitech MS 840 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 840
With its ergonomic, stylish, lightweight enclosure, the MS 840 is designed to deliver top-notch performance by optimizing productivity and efficiency. Equipped with a beeper and red/green LED to notify users of scanning status, the MS 840 makes...
Photo of Unitech MS 842 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 842
Due to the high speed decoder and high performance engine this MS 842 2D scanner is one of the most efficient scanning solution in its class. It can easily be used in high demanding scanning applications like ticket management or security during...
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Photo of Unitech MS 320 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 320
The MS320 is a scanner that matches a laser scanner in performance by incorporating aggressive long range CCD scanning technology. Besides supporting most common one dimensional barcodes the MS320 also supports a two dimensional barcode, PDF417....
Photo of Unitech MS 920 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 920
Unitech MS920 is a new generation of wireless 2D barcode scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its compact & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS920 allows enterprises to simply scan and...
Photo of Unitech MS 912 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 912
New mini barcode reader MS912 series which is being recognized as the smallest model in its class is released by Unitech. Combining wireless communication and compact design, MS912 series gives mobile worker many places to keep it conveniently and...
Photo of Unitech MS 250 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS 250
The cost-effective and reliable MS250 handheld scanner provides the optimum combination of performance which makes it an ideal scanning tool for a wide range of market applications, such as point-of-sale, document processing, personal data...
Photo of Unitech MS-842e Scanner As low as
Unitech MS-842e
The MS842e 2D handheld scanners featuring the industry"s superior 2D imaging technology, and combing with rugged material and compact design, the device is a cost-effective and reliable tool for enterprises to streamline processes in a broad variety...
Photo of Unitech MS-840P Scanner As low as
Unitech MS-840P
The MS840P is ideal for various solutions in warehousing, retail, and health care, where flexibility, durability, and reliability are essential. With an intuitive wireless design, the MS840P provides users with greater productivity without...
Photo of Unitech MS-842eH Scanner As low as
Unitech MS-842eH
The Unitech MS842eH is a durable, high performance family of handheld scanners available in 2D imager models. Constructed with an antimicrobial enclosure for the needs of health care, caregivers can depend on this scanner without hesitation,...
Photo of Unitech MS-842P Scanner As low as
Unitech MS-842P
Delivering efficiency, durability and compact size, the device combines superior 1D and 2D barcode scanning with the freedom of wireless technology. The well integrated mobility design allows users to move around without being restricted, while...
Photo of Unitech MS916 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS916
The new MS916 Wireless Pocket Laser Scanner is part of Unitech's latest generation of advanced handheld barcode readers. A wireless device, this pocket-sized scanner offers several outstanding features.
Photo of Unitech MS832 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS832
Delivering effective data capture, the MS832 area-imaging scanner offers high performance for increasing productivity. The cost-effective and reliable handheld scanner is an ideal scanning tool for a wide variety of applications, such personal...
Photo of Unitech MS340 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS340
Combining with a comfort grip and ergonomic design, MS340 is flexible to operate in multiple scan types: handheld mode, and presentation mode. With upgraded features that MS340 offers a long range scanning capability to improve operator efficiency,...
Photo of Unitech MS340B BT CCD Scanner As low as
Unitech MS340B BT CCD
MS340B, Unitech's latest long range wireless CCD scanner, has been enhanced to provide reliable scanning for rugged applications in field service, industrial production and retail. Featuring industrial and military standards, this affordable...
Photo of Unitech FC79 Scanner As low as
Unitech FC79
Save time with the FC79's easy hands-free design. Automatic scanning technology saves time at the register, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing your store"s efficiency.
Photo of Unitech MS926 Scanner As low as
Unitech MS926
The Unitech MS926 is a new generation of wireless 2D pocket scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its 1-inch OLED display & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS926 allows enterprises to...
Photo of Unitech MS912+ Scanner Unitech MS912+
The MS912+ was designed for integration into field sales / service, retail, and supply chains. However, this barcode scanner is a versatile tool for anyone on the go. This compact barcode scanner facilitates a variety of field-based applications:...