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Unitech K19
The Unitech K19 numeric keypad works as a stand alone unit or as an external keypad for notebook computers. The K19 keypad can be connected to a computer or terminal via USB interface.
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Unitech K2714
The K2714 is the ideal keyboard for any point-of-sale station. 21 remappable keys supporting color, icon and text additions, plus a small footprint make the K2714 a perfect solution. Also included are an integrated mag stripe reader, a...
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Unitech K2724
K2724 POS Keyboard (101-Key with AT/XT and PS/2 Interfaces, and Dual-Track MSR The K2724 POS Keyboard features a dual track Magnetic Stripe Reader and built-in bar code scanner port, providing a space-saving, one-piece solution suitable for...
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Unitech K2726
The K2726 boasts a three-track mag stripe reader and a built in bar code reader port, giving the K2726 a slim, all-in-one unit ideal for small POS spaces. The K2726 also features 21 customizable keys. A durable body and a design unaffected...
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Unitech KP 3700
The KP 3700 keyboard from Unitech provides two modes to accept a variety of input devices. A DB-9 type squeeze release port at the upper right hand side of the keyboard supports undecoded barcode scanner and RS232 input. A card-reader slot at the...