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Unitech K19
The Unitech K19 numeric keypad works as a stand alone unit or as an external keypad for notebook computers. The K19 keypad can be connected to a computer or terminal via USB interface.
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Unitech K2714
The K2714 is the ideal keyboard for any point-of-sale station. 21 remappable keys supporting color, icon and text additions, plus a small footprint make the K2714 a perfect solution. Also included are an integrated mag stripe reader, a...
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Unitech K2724
K2724 POS Keyboard (101-Key with AT/XT and PS/2 Interfaces, and Dual-Track MSR The K2724 POS Keyboard features a dual track Magnetic Stripe Reader and built-in bar code scanner port, providing a space-saving, one-piece solution suitable for...
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Unitech K2726
The K2726 boasts a three-track mag stripe reader and a built in bar code reader port, giving the K2726 a slim, all-in-one unit ideal for small POS spaces. The K2726 also features 21 customizable keys. A durable body and a design unaffected...
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Unitech K595
Unitech's mini keyboard is easy to place just where you need it, making it an asset for applications across the board. Take advantage of its slim design and bring it out to a busy warehouse, workstation or office space. The K595 is available with...