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Photo of Unitech PA 692 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA 692
The PA692 is a rugged mobile computer that combines the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today"s aggressive business environment. PA692 also offers field-based workers with a...
Photo of Unitech PA700 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA700
Unitech PA700 brings a new level of compact size, functionality and durable construction to an enterprise digital assistant. Not only delivering a slim device with stylish look, but also equipped with industrial-grade functions to meet the needs in...
Photo of Unitech PA520 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA520
Unitech PA520 is a compact sized enterprise PDA that provides a comprehensive wireless platform since it integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, making it quick and easy to stay connected. Equipped with 1D/2D imager, RFID reader, NFC and...
Photo of Unitech PA 550 Hand Held Computer Unitech PA 550
The Unitech PA 550 features all smartphone functionalities desired by modern PDA users. This allows mobile workers to benefit from its very compact size, finger-friendly operation, the latest Windows mobile 6.5.3, high speed Marvel 806MHz processor...
Photo of Unitech HT630 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT630
The ruggedness of the Unitech HT630 boosts high productivity and guarantees the investment for Enterprise Users. The HT630 provides out-of-the-box functionality via five ready-made common applications. The flexible modular design including barcode...
Photo of Unitech SRD650 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech SRD650
Designed for any business environments, the SRD650 gives you the flexibility and control needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection. This SRD650 Solution Ready Design just has what it takes to keep you small or...
Photo of Unitech HT 682 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT 682
Streamline your business processes with the versatile Unitech HT682 handheld terminal, ideal for manufacturing, logistics and transportation applications. With an area imager designed for high volume scanning, the HT682 brings a new level of...
Photo of Unitech PA692A Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA692A
Operates like a smartphone. Performs like a classic handheld computer. Make your Android investment a lasting one""the PA692A is our most durable Android handheld yet.
Photo of Unitech PA700V Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA700V
Deliver the connectivity your customers crave wit teh PA700V. This stylish device is always connected to the heart of their business. Utilized the intuitive power of 4G Android with the rugged efficiency of enterprise computing on the PA700V.
Photo of Unitech PA720 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA720
The PA720 is an Android handheld computer, rugged and built to last. Built on the fastest growing and most popular mobile platform, the PA720 is a powerful and versatile data collection tool.
Photo of Unitech PA730 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA730
The PA730 is a powerful partner on the sales floor, helping your sales associates look up stock and price information from the warehouse and process payments without ever leaving the customer. The PA730 is also sealed against dust and protected...
Photo of Unitech EA600 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech EA600
The Unitech EA600 (Android) is a rugged 5" mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. The EA600 provides convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical...
Photo of Unitech HT1 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT1
Unitech introduces its latest compact handheld terminal, - the HT1. It is a pocket-sized, Android-based mobile computer with superior data collection, suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, transportation, and warehousing
Photo of Unitech PA820 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA820
a global provider of automatic identification and data capture technologies, is pleased to announce availability of the PA820 rugged industrial PDA. This PDA is super-durable and powerful, it includes with multiple connectivity and a wide range of...