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Photo of Unitech PA 550 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA 550
The Unitech PA 550 combines rugged industrial construction with smart phone functionality, making it ideally suited for sales automation and field service applications. Featuring a durable enclosure able to withstand 4-foot drops to concrete and...
Photo of Unitech PA 690 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA 690
The Unitech PA 690 is a portable data terminal with GPD, Windows Embedded 6.5 software (available with and without phone capabilities), a full QWERTY keypad and WLAN/WWAN/PAN (Bluetooth) connectivity. The PA 690 is available with a 5.0 megapixel...
Photo of Unitech PA 800 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA 800
The Unitech PA 800 is an ultra-rugged mobile computer with MIL-810F military standard for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures. An IP68 rating and 1.8 meter drop threshold allow PA 800 to operate in harsh environment. An...
Photo of Unitech PA966 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA966
The Unitech PA966 combines the flexibility of a PDA with the durablity of a rugged PDT. With 36 keys and an interactive touch screen, the PA966 will satisfy any data entry need. Features Windows Windows CE .NET 4.2 Professional Plus and Bluetooth...
Photo of Unitech HT630 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT630
The Unitech HT630 Mobile Computer is designed to meet your demands in various applications, ranging from Transportation and Warehousing to Mobile Sales, Field Service, Retail, Meter Reading and more. Rugged and durable, yet weighing less than 250...
Photo of Unitech HT 660 e Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT 660 e
The Unitech HT 660 e is designed for single or two-handed operation in manufacturing, retail and transport and logistics sectors. For scan intensive applications such as warehousing there is an optional gun grip. Choose the set up that's best for...
Photo of Unitech HT 680 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT 680
The Unitech HT 680 is a compact and aggressive rugged mobile computer ideally suited for manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation. Designed for the toughest work environments, the HT 680 gives you the reliability and flexibility needed to...
Photo of Unitech HT680 Compare With History Bundle As low as
Unitech HT680 Compare With History Bundle
Featuring the BarcodesInc Exclusive Unitech HT680 mobile computer and Barcode Compare (With History) software. Barcode Compare (With History) Software for the HT680: Operator scans the first barcode and then the second barcode. Device will indicate...
Photo of Unitech PA690 MCA Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA690 MCA
The Unitech PA690 MCA meets all possible requests of health care workers. The antimicrobialial housing of the PA690 MCA makes sure this device can be used within health care environments with following high hygienic regulations. Because of the...
Photo of Unitech SRD650 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech SRD650
Designed for any business environments, the SRD650 gives you the flexibility and control needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection. This SRD650 Solution Ready Design just has what it takes to keep you small or...
Photo of Unitech PA968II As low as
Unitech PA968II
The Unitech PA968II mobile computer is a fully integrated, multi function platform that offers a high level of mobility and versatility. Featuring an ultra robust Aluminum-Magnesium alloy housing and ergonomically designed form factor, the PA968II...
Photo of Unitech HT 650 Hand Held Computer Unitech HT 650
Designed to be used with only one hand, the HT650 has a compact, ergonomic design that doesn't sacrifice on durability. With options for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a 1D laser scanner, and 2.4" color touch screen, it is the perfect handheld terminal for a...
Photo of Unitech HT 682 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech HT 682
Streamline your business processes with the versatile Unitech HT682 handheld terminal, ideal for manufacturing, logistics and transportation applications. With an area imager designed for high volume scanning, the HT682 brings a new level of...
Photo of Unitech PA 692 As low as
Unitech PA 692
The PA692 is a rugged mobile computer that combines the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today"s aggressive business environment. PA692 also offers field-based workers with a...
Photo of Unitech PA700 Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA700
Unitech PA700 brings a new level of compact size, functionality and durable construction to an enterprise digital assistant. Not only delivering a slim device with stylish look, but also equipped with industrial-grade functions to meet the needs in...
Photo of Unitech PA500e Hand Held Computer As low as
Unitech PA500e
The PA500e is an enterprise class PDA with powerful mobile computing capabilities packed in a slim and compact design. Combining a sleek ergonomic design with rugged functionality, the PA500e is ideal for any retail or hospitality application and is...
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