Unitech Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminal

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Unitech MT-650
The MT-650 is the new upgraded version of the MR650 fixed mount terminal. This multifunctional terminal is ideally suited for time management, access control, loyalty programs, intercom, work-in-process and surveillance applications. Running on the...
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Unitech MT 380 TASHI
The Unitech MT 380 TASHI is one of the most compact IP based Time & Attendance and Access Control terminals on the market. It can be applied to many applications via a Windows CE 5.0 operating system. Ensure security with one of several supporting...
Photo of Unitech MT800 Junior Kruger Terminal As low as
Unitech MT800 Junior Kruger
The MT800 is serving in TASHI Elfin integrated solution, running with a variety of major standard features such as door phone and security guard intercom. Its key role play is as a master controller in Home/Office sectors applying with Elfin to...
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Unitech MT880
The MT880 is an IP-based product with high speed Ethernet and WiFi communication. It features a beautiful 10.1” touchscreen and a user-friendly interface. With the MT880, you’ll be able to run home appliances, access gates, and intercom...
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Unitech MT200
With its modern shape, mounted at the lobby of corporate headquarters and mansions or at the entrances of residency and offices, MT200 enables the owners to demonstrate their extraordinary styles. Different from other door phones, MT200 is in line...
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Unitech PC55
The PC55 is an entry level, small and attractive price checker featuring the latest technology with interface options such as Wireless RF or hard wired Ethernet. Depending on the font set, the bright and vivid screen can display up to 20 characters...
Photo of Unitech PC66 Terminal Unitech PC66
With a 4.3 inch color display the PC66 can provide customers easy access to price verifying functionality for customer self-service. With the color screen, the PC66 also provides "Vivid broadcasting" (Optional by project base) functionality with the...
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Unitech PC88
The Unitech PC88 is a color-screen price checker with a 5.7 inch color display. The PC88 provides the price verifying functionality for customer self-service, allowing store employees to do more. With the 5.7 inch color screen, the PC88 has a...