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Barcode Builder meets the most demanding bar code printing requirements for your Macintosh computer. Quickly generate bar codes for your favorite design and layout applications or print bar code labels to your printer. Copy, paste, and import bar codes into Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Freehand - any Macintosh application that supports graphics. Add lines, rectangles, and text objects to your labels. Even merge text documents into your bar code labels. You can easily customize the size, style, height, bar width, and bar ratio of your bar code symbols. You can also add prefixes and suffixes. Barcode Builder is the one solution for all of your Macintosh bar coding needs.
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633808132002 Barcode Builder, (v. 2.0) - complete package - 1 user - Standard - CD - Mac, English Check Availability Call for Details
The Wasp Barcode Builder is also known as the Wasp Bar Code Barcode Builder .