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Photo of Wasp WWR 2900 WandReader Scanner Wasp WWR 2900 WandReader
Whether you need quick access to data from an invoice, membership card, or any barcoded material, the Wasp WWR2900 series pen barcode scanner is the perfect tool for repetitive data entry. The WWR2900 pen barcode scanner is a reliable,...
Photo of Wasp WWS550i Scanner Wasp WWS550i
The Wasp WWS550i cordless bar code scanner delivers unmatched freedom, flexibility, and functionality in a value-packed, lightweight design. Eliminating the clutter and tangle of cords, the WWS550i rapidly scans bar code in retail,...
Photo of Wasp WWS100i Scanner Wasp WWS100i
The Wasp WWS100i cordless barcode scanner gives you the flexibility to wirelessly transmit barcode data to your smartphone or tablet device from up to 33' line of sight. The pocket-sized form factor makes the WWS100i an ideal barcode scanner for...
Photo of Wasp WWS 450 Scanner Wasp WWS 450
The Wasp WWS 450 provides fast, efficient barcode scanning that your business depends on. The aggressive digital imager scan engine makes it ideal for scan-intensive applications. Combined with versatility and efficiency, the WWS 450 easily reads 1D...
Photo of Wasp WWS450H Scanner Wasp WWS450H
The Wasp WWS450H 2D bar code scanner is designed with health care environments in mind, allowing medical staff to treat patients efficiently and without errors. Built-in antimicrobial technology provides a level of protection against...
Photo of Wasp WWS 800 Scanner Wasp WWS 800
The Wasp WWS 800 Freedom Wireless Bar code Scanner Kit is a veritable workhorse that gives you the freedom to roam while staying connected via Bluetooth. The WWS 800 allows you to move your scanner to the inventory instead of moving your...
Photo of Wasp WWS 850 Scanner Wasp WWS 850
The Wasp WWS 850 cordless scanner gives you the freedom to roam, without the tangle of cords. Bluetooth technology allows you to transmit barcode data up to 160 feet away from your PC with line-of-sight visibility. Data is instantly and accurately...
Photo of Wasp WLS 8400FZ Scanner Wasp WLS 8400FZ
The Wasp WLS 8400FZ industrial barcode scanner features fuzzy logic technology for fast, accurate reading of damaged, dirty, and poorly printed one-dimensional (1D) barcodes typically found in industrial environments. In the yard, warehouse,...
Photo of Wasp WCS 3900 Scanner Wasp WCS 3900
The Wasp WCS 3900 bar code scanner offers durable construction and ergonomic design for comfortable use. Perfect for office, library, and light retail environments, the WCS 3900 makes it easy to manage the information your business needs,...
Photo of Wasp CCD Scanner Scanner Wasp CCD Scanner
Wasp Barcode CCD Scanner is the most popular solution for scanning bar codes. Its ease of use and durability make the CCD a favorite with customers. Wasp Barcode CCD Scanner simply plugs between your keyboard and computer. Scanned data...
Photo of Wasp WLR 8950 Scanner Wasp WLR 8950
The Wasp WLR8950 Long Range CCD barcode scanner is a cost effective, easy to use, long range scanner designed for retail, point of sale, or any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important. With an ABS plastic construction and pistol...
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Photo of Wasp WPS-200 Scanner Wasp WPS-200
The Wasp WPS200 Omnidirectional barcode scanner is a high performance scanner utilizing a digital imaging scan engine capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. The WPS200 can be used in hands-free or handheld mode, and unique...
Photo of Wasp WLS8600 Scanner Wasp WLS8600
The Wasp WLS8600 industrial barcode scanner features fuzzy logic technology for fast, accurate reading of damaged, dirty, and poorly printed one-dimensional (1D) barcodes typically found in industrial environments. In the yard, warehouse,...
Photo of Wasp WDI4600 Scanner Wasp WDI4600
Rapidly read 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes, with the Wasp WDI4600 barcode scanner. The WDI4600 streamlines data entry and allows you to instantly add barcode data to spreadsheets, word documents, and databases. Use the WDI4600 to improve...
Photo of Wasp WLS9600 Scanner Wasp WLS9600
The Wasp WLS9600 laser barcode scanner makes it simple to add barcode data to spreadsheets, word processing documents or databases. Just connect the WLS9600 to your PC (USB, RS-232, Keyboard wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand Emulation), and you"re ready to...
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