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With the TruCheck Laser USB any faults are vividly displayed on your PC monitor, and any problem areas are clearly highlighted. Since the TruCheck Laser USB scans automatically, every operator gets the same result. No need to replace equipment if your customers start with the next generation bar codes. The TruCheck Laser USB will not become obsolete. Regardless of your needs, Webscan has a solution.
TruCheck Laser USB Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
TC-847 TruCheck Laser USB 3mil, The handheld TruCheck Laser USB features linear auto detect and automatically provides a 10 scan verification. Making your verification process fast and accurate. The 3mil model is the best for codes between 4mil to 7mil x-dimensions. Ships Free Today $3,995.00
TC-843 TruCheck Laser USB 6mil, The handheld 6mil TruCheck Laser USB is ideal to handle GS1 application specifications for UPC/EAN, GS1 DataBar, RSS Barcodes, and PDF417. Perfect for barcodes between 7mil - 13mil x-dimensions. Ships Free Today $3,995.00
TC-848 TruCheck Laser USB 10mil, This handheld 10mil TruCheck Laser USB would be used for codes 14mil - 25mil x dimensions. 10mil Lasers are appropriate for GS1 Code 128 barcodes, PDF417 codes, and MIL STD-129 labels. Ships Free Today $3,995.00
TC-851 TruCheck Laser USB 20mil, As with all of our handheld lasers, you have the ability to verify 3D objects as well as flat printed labels. 20mil lasers are used for codes that are larger than 25mil, such as ITF 14 barcode, typically seen on corrugated materials. Ships Free Today $3,995.00
TC-852 Laser USB 10mil (670nm), A handheld 10mil laser designed to achieve the best results from thermal paper. Ships Free Today $3,995.00
The Webscan TruCheck Laser USB is also known as the Webscan TruCheck Laser USB .