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Xplore iX104C5 Dual-Mode Tablet Computer

Xplore XC6 DM & DML A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Xplore XC6 DM & DML.
The Xplore iX104C5 Dual-Mode is the most rugged, powerful and flexible Tablet PC in its class. It is ideal for ambient outdoor or indoor light conditions and provides reliable operation in the most challenging environments.
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iX104C5 Dual-Mode Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
01-23010-3EK4T-00T03 iX104C5 DM (Dual-Mode), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Rugged Tablet, Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit, iX104C5 Dual Mode Standard Configuration is 80GB SSD, 4GB DDRIII, Bluetooth, 3MP Camera, Gobi, BIOS - AHCI or RAID. Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately. See Replacement Call for Details
01-23010-3EK2T-00T03 iX104C5 Dual-Mode, Windows 7 Tablet PC edition, Intel Corei7-620UE processor, 10.4" XGA transmissive display, integrated 802.11a/b/gN, Bluetooth, 3MP Camera, 3 year Warranty, IP Rated, AC power adapter, North American/EU power cord., 80GB SSD, 2GB DDRIII, 802.11a/b/gn Wireless, Bluetooth, 3 megapixel Camera, 68.5 Wh Battery, IP67 See Replacement Call for Details
01-23010-3EJ2T-00T15 iX104C5 Dual-Mode, Lithium Ion 68.5 WHr Battery Upgrade for iX104C5 LITE (standard with iX104C5), Bluetooth with Camera, Standard iCore7 chipset, Serial I/O Panel (standard on most models), English Operating System, 2 GB DDRIII RAM upgrade - Upgrades system to total of 2GB RAM - C5 Lites Only, Windows 7 32 bit, Ambient Lite display, 2 day turn around time option, 40 BG Solid State Drive, No WAN, 5 Year (Extends standard warranty 2 additional yrs.), North America 802.11 ABGN See Replacement Call for Details