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Zebra QL 220, QL 320, & QL420 Accessories

QL 220, QL 320, & QL420 Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
AC18177-5 QL Series US Lithium-ion Quad Charger, US (for charging up to 4 batteries) Ships Today $550.00
AT16004-1 Spare lithium ion battery. For QL220 and QL320 only. Ships Today $95.00
AT18737-1 Enhanced Lithium-ion Single Charger, US & Japan (for charging single battery outside printer) Ships Today $66.41
Retail $115
Save 42%
AT16293-1 Battery (Lithium Ion) for the QL420 Mobile Printer Ships Today $135.00
CC16614-G9 Lighter Plug, RCLI-DC Charger, 12V. For RW and QL Series Printers. Ships Today $170.00
CC16614-G4 Running Charger, Lithium Ion, AC. power supply for the QL Plus and RW series. Ships Today $295.00
BL11757-001 Interface Cable for the QL, ENC and Cameo printers Ships Today $40.00
AT17010-1 USB Cable for the RW and QL Series Mobile Printers Ships Today $23.00
AK17518-001 Handi-Mount with Base Plate for QL 420 Ships Today $300.00
P1051921 Accessories, ACC Shoulder Strap Kit (for the QL/RW) Ships Today $15.75
AN16753-021 Platen Roller Assembly, Platen/roller Linered repair kit for QL4 series. Quantity: 3. Ships Today $75.00
AN17213-1 Kit, Q3 Power supply, 6 ft. cord, For QL220 and QL320 Ships Today $330.00
AN16753-022 Platen Roller, Kit (RPR, Platen/roller, Linerless) for the QL 420 Ships Today $195.00
AN16972-009 Platen Roller, Kit (RPR Platen/Gear LNRLS 3) for the QL 220 Ships Today $195.00
AK17708-1 Cable, Straight Cable (QL/Camera to Motorola MC3000) Ships Today $50.74
Retail $85
Save 40%
AN16861-005 Belt Clip Twenty, For the QL 220, QL 320 and QL 420 Ships Today $40.00
DA16473-2 Mobile, Soft Case For Ql420 & Ql420+ Printers Ships Today $80.00
DA16307-2 Soft Case for the QL 320 Ships Today $75.00
AN17213-2 QL 420 Mobile Printer Accessories, Power supply Kit (with 6 ft. Cord) for the QL 420 Ships Today $201.59
Retail $330
Save 38%
AN16972-008 KIT RPR QL2 PLATN/GEAR LNRD (3) Ships in 24-48 Hours $69.00
BL12093-1 Interface cable for Symbol PDT 3100/3500/6100 Ships in 24-48 Hours $36.00
AN17197-008 QL Belt-clip replacement kit Ships in 24-48 Hours $20.00
DC16620-1 QL420 Mobile Mount Ships in 24-48 Hours $475.00
DA16803-2 Soft case for QL 220 Ships in 24-48 Hours $75.00
DA16269-1 Stand for the QL320 and QL420 Printers Ships in 24-48 Hours $50.00
CC16644-1 IrDA QUICKLINK MODULE FOR QL320 AND QL420 Ships Today $86.98
Retail $125
Save 30%
BT16899-1 Hand-strap, 8 inch, with Plastic clips, for QL Series Ships in 24-48 Hours $18.00
BT14029-3 Hand-strap, 8 inch, for QL Series Ships in 24-48 Hours $16.00
BL17191-1 Cable, (MLD DNLD SHLD, QL to NGT) Ships in 24-48 Hours $74.49
Retail $120
Save 37%
BL16816-1 Cable for the QL to 2455-2475 Terminals, 8 feet Ships in 24-48 Hours $80.00
BL16815-2 Cable (QL to 700 Terminal) Ships in 24-48 Hours $80.00
AT18737-3 Lithium-Ion Fast Charger, Europe, for QL Series Ships in 24-48 Hours $66.41
Retail $115
Save 42%
AN17214-2 Power supply Kit (with Stand) for the QL420 Ships in 24-48 Hours $345.00
AN17214-1 Kit (Power supply with Stand) for the QL220/QL 320 Ships in 24-48 Hours $350.00
AN16618-1 Kit Assembly (Mount) for the QL 420 Mobile Printer Ships in 24-48 Hours $70.00
AK17518-002 QL420 Mobile Mount without Base Plate Ships in 24-48 Hours $225.00
AK16269-1 Kit (Desktop Stand) for the QL320 and QL420 Ships in 24-48 Hours $50.00
Retail $550
Save 29%
AC18177-6 QL 420 Mobile Printer Accessories, Quad Charger (Lithium-Ion, NEMA5-15P) for the QL Series. Designed for MEXICO/CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA Ships in 24-48 Hours $317.63
Retail $550
Save 42%
AC18177-2 Quad Charger (Lithium-Ion, EU) for the QL Series Ships in 24-48 Hours $550.00
52520 Label, FANFOLD MEDIA BIN FOR QL420 AND PA/PT SERIES Ships in 24-48 Hours $18.50
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