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M5900, Batch Kit, 2D Imager, Alphanumeric Keypad, 32MB/16MB. Includes USB cable, Battery, and Program generator. Charger not included. See accessories.

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62598 AML

M5900-0601-2 - AML M5900 Handheld Computer

M5900, Portable data terminal with Integrated 2D Imager. Includes Charging Cradle (Part# ACC-5925).
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Durable, easy to use, and packed with big business functionality, the M5900 portable data terminal is an ideal solution for everyday, all day data collection applications - including inventory control, factory floor management, price verification, shipping/receiving, asset tracking and more. Each M5900 Series portable data terminal includes all the software development tools required to quickly and efficiently put the portable data terninal to work in your business. The M5900 terminal is preloaded with six everyday data collection applications that give you the capability to scan barcodes and collect basic data.
  • Durable, ergonomic design
  • Graphical 160 x 160 backlit LCD display
  • High performance 200 MHz ARM9 Processor
  • SQLite database engine
  • Rechargeable, high capacity 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • 55 key alphanumeric or 35 key numeric keypad
  • On-board Program Generator (OPG)
  • Preloaded with six common data collection applications
  • PC-based M5900 Program Generator
  • Multiple integrated scan engine options, including 2D Imager
  • RS-232 and USB ports

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