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model-6821 Aruba

Aruba RAP-2WG Access Point

The Aruba RAP-2WG is a single radio 802.11b/g, enterprise-class indoor remote access point, capable of supporting multiple functions including wired and wireless access and air monitoring/ wireless intrusion detection and prevention across the 2.4GHz band.

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  1. Aruba (3)
  1. RAP-2WG-EU - Aruba RAP-2WG Access Point

    RAP-2WG, RAP - 2WG Remote Access Point (Europe)
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  2. RAP-2WG-US - Aruba RAP-2WG Access Point

    RAP-2WG, Remote AP (2WG - US)
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  3. RAP-2WG - Aruba RAP-2WG Access Point

    RAP-2WG, Access Point Wireless 2X10/100 BASE-T
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