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model-255 Cognitive

Cognitive Advantage RFID RFID Printer

Cognitive introduces the Advantage RFID, the first Cognitive printer with integrated RFID capabilities. Desktop RFID printing has never been easier, since the Advantage RFID comes in high (13.56 MHz) and ultra-high (860-915 MHz, coming soon) versions and can print to a wide range of RFID tags. A small footprint and ethernet, parallel and serial connections make the Advantage RFID the ideal choice for desktop RFID printing.

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  1. LBT24-2043-H11

    Advantage RFID, Thermal transfer, 13.56 MHz RFID, HF, 2.4", 200 DPI, 4MB, serial, 120 VAC/60W
    Free Shipping
  2. LBT24-2043-H12

    Advantage RFID, Thermal transfer, 13.56 MHz RFID, 2.4", 200 DPI, 4MB, parallel, 120 VAC/60W
    Free Shipping
  3. LBT42-2043-H13

    Advantage RFID, Thermal transfer, 13.56 MHz RFID, 4.2", 200 DPI, 4MB, serial and parallel, 120 VAC/60W
    Free Shipping
  4. LBT24-2043-H11-KIT

    Advantage RFID, Development Kit, HF 13.56 MHz RFID Printer Kit to include LBT24-2043-H11 Printer Plus Scanner, Cable, Driver Software from NiceWare, User Documentation and Program guides, Sample tags, and Media Kit
    Free Shipping
  5. 114-004-01

    Advantage RFID, HF RFID Media Kit (No Printer) includes Thermal transfer Label Roll, 2.25" x 2.25" label centered on 2.5" liner, 100 labels, 3" core, Wax-Resin Ribbon & Guide
  6. 114-005-01

    Advantage RFID, HF RFID Direct thermal Media Kit (No Printer), Roll, DT wristbands, HF (13.56 MHz) RFID, 1.1875" x 11.5", 100 brands, 1.5" core, wound in, GAP, TI, HF-I

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