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model-5969 Computer Instruments

Computer Instruments e-IVR Enterprise

Customer convenience and overhead cost-control are critical concerns for the Financial Industry. e-IVR Enterprise provides automated, 24/7 self-service via a bundle of IVR and CTI applications. e-IVR incorporates the latest IVR, CTI, Messaging and Fax technology. Callers can be read virtually un-limited information on banking services, loan rates, career opportunities, etc. from the e-IVR Audio Bulletin Board. Customers can access their account status using the e-IVR Data Locator feature. Written information and applications, etc. can be automatically faxed to a caller by e-IVR Fax on Demand. The e-IVR Enterprise bundle can be configured for Financial IVR applications as well as customized to the Financial Institution's specifications. A number of Call Center Applications are also available. When it comes to time saving, cost effective, golden Customer Service, e-IVR Enterprise is money in the bank. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.

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