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model-5975 Computer Instruments

Computer Instruments e-IVR Utility Billing

Customer convenience and overhead cost-control are critical concerns for the Utility Industry. e-IVR Utility Billing is an automated self-service application that lets Utility Customers check on their account status (balance/due-date and last payment received) by phone. Account information is available by phone on the caller's own schedule. The Customer can call at their convenience, any time (24/7), to hear the current status of their bill. The caller simply enters their Account number. The optional pay-by-phone application provides convenience for the public and speedy bill payment for the municipality. Sometimes dealing with a Utility company can't help but be aggravating. More convenient, less irritating customer service can't hurt. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.

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  1. 1322-UTIL - Computer Instruments e-IVR Utility Billing

    e-IVR Utility Billing, Utility bills never seem to be where you thought you put them, What better way is there to instantly get account information than by phone, at your convenience, e-IVR Utility Billing lets you do just that.
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