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model-5976 Computer Instruments

Computer Instruments e-IVR Warrant Out-Dial

Public convenience and overhead cost-control are critical in government. e-IVR Warrant Out-Dial is an automated, cost-effective method of warning citation holders of an impending arrest warrant, once outstanding citations have reached that stage. Prospective Warrant candidates will appreciate the warning. The e-IVR Out-Dial system places the call (within whatever time frame the Court feels is most effective), verifies identity, then announces the upcoming warrant issue date. The optional pay-by-phone application provides convenience for the public and speedy fine payment for the municipality. The only thing worse than getting a ticket is going to jail over it. e-IVR Out-Dial is a welcome reminder. The news may be bad, but what you don't know can hurt you. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.

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    e-IVR Warrant Out-Dial, Wireless time reporting
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