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453 - CyberCash ICVerify POS Software

ICVerify, Software (Multi User V4.0.4, 1 Merchant/4 Users). Used to upgrade multi user versions older than 4.0 to multi user version 4.3. This is considered a new install and will ship with a new serial number. Customers using version 3.x or below will need to purchase new software. Support for version 3.x ended 9/30/07, due to the software being non-compliant for Visa/MasterCard and American Express.
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The ICVerify offers the features and functionality you need in one easy-to-use, yet powerful software package. Able to securely handle a variety of bank transactions, ICVerify is more capable than stand-alone POS terminals. Whether you are a day care center, health club, mail order or telephone order fulfillment house, professional office, small or mid-size retail business, the ICVERIFY software has the right solution for your business needs - in one easy-to-use program. This software is for credit card and check verification only. For software with full POS capabilities, please see our POS Software section.
  • Support for Address Verification System (AVS), Retail AVS, CVV2 and CVC2 minimizes fraud due to stolen or fraudulent cards.
  • It allows a network of POS registers to share a single modem, reducing the investment required to automate a store.
  • Import credit card transaction data from other PC applications, such as spreadsheets or databases using the data import function
  • Bill customers without re-keying the information each time with the ICVERIFY customer database
  • Customizable transaction tabs let you show just the transaction types you need and arrange the transaction tab order to better match the way you process transactions.
  • Automate the process of charging subscription fees to the same customers for the same amount on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Reports are generated in an easy-to-read 8 1/2 x 11 format on a Windows printer, rather than 2-3 inch-wide reports supported on POS terminals.
  • An improved data import analyzes files for errors before importing and generates a detailed report of any problems found in the file, making it easier to find and correct errors.
  • Easy integration with your POS applications reduces data entry errors and simplies the process of electronic payment acceptance.
  • Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) flags allow you to process transactions received through Internet email.
  • Offline group mode allows you to submit a list of transactions at one time for authorization, which speeds up your processing time and excels at recurring billing, such as membership fees or monthly charges.

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