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model-385 Datalogic

Datalogic Formula Handheld Computer

Put the Datalogic Formula in your shirt pocket! Small and slim, with excellent ergonomics, the new Formula adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior utility. Serial and USB connectors on the product bottom offer standard cabled connections to any device. A Bluetooth option enables seamless wireless connection of the Formula to any kind of PC. Rugged construction protects the terminal from unintentional drops and exposure to water and dust. A proprietary operating system and the mature microprocessor ensure working stability, today and tomorrow. High capacity on board memory manages large data quantities and simultaneous applications. User-accessible SD card slot expands the memory for backup data or large database management.

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  1. 941601001 - Datalogic Formula Handheld Computer

    Formula, Wireless Mobile Terminal (with Laser Scanner and Bluetooth Radio with Mini USB Cable ETC)
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  2. 941601000 - Datalogic Formula Handheld Computer

    Formula, Batch Mobile Terminal (with Laser Scanner with Mini USB Cable, Power supply and Adapters)
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