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model-9441 Datalogic

Datalogic Matrix 450 Scanner

Datalogic"s new 2D imager Matrix 450 captures 5 million pixels 15 times per second and delivers unprecedented reading performance regarding area coverage and speed, thus enabling a wide range of logistic applications, never covered before by a 2D-Imager. Thanks to its extraordinary acquisition rate at very high resolution also supported by a strong illuminator Matrix 450 is the perfect solution for high speed transportation on small and middle size conveyors. With Matrix 450, multiple reading attempts are no longer needed: thanks to the large area coverage in a single shot, the highest rate of reading performance and ease of use are granted. No moving parts, rugged metal construction, IP65 enclosure rate and operative temperature up to 45 degreesC ensuring a long life cycle even in harsh industrial environments.
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  1. 937400024 - Datalogic Matrix 450 Fixed Mount Bar code Scanner

    Matrix 450, 800-030 5Mp Gige. Priced per unit. 4 week lead time.
    $10,500.00 $7,544.91
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