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model-704 Dymo

Dymo DateMark Date-Time Stamper Printer

Dymo DateMark Date-Time Stamper is a versatile electronic stamper that prints tracking information on to an array of products. Its large LCD displays current date, time and active stamper functions. DateMark Date-Time Stamper has seven message options: IN, OUT, PAID, FILE, REF, CFMD, RCVD. It prints 4-digit or 6 digit sequential serial numbers. It is calendar programmed 200 years into the future with automatic leap-year adjustment. It has a small, inexpensive ink roller that is easily replaced. It weighs just 1/2 lb.

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  1. 47002 - Dymo DateMark Date/Time Stamper Portable Bar code Printer

    DateMark Date/Time Stamper, Prints date/time, 4-digit or 6-digit sequential numbers, and 7 specific messages. Calendar programmed with automatic leap-year adjustment.
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