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53196 Fargo

86340 - Fargo Service Contract - 1 year Service Contract

Service Contract - 1 year, AsureID Protect Plan for Exchange Software
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Fargo's Service Contract - 1 year software changes the paradigm of how ID card personalization software looks, feels and performs. A fresh new user interface and simplified processes make ID card template design and data entry a breeze. Behind the friendly interface, Service Contract - 1 year is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support the most sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you're new to ID badging or a power user, Service Contract - 1 year helps you design and produce ID cards and other secure credentials with unprecedented ease and efficiency.
  • Compatible with Windows 8 Pro Tablet
  • Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, and Czech
  • Fluorescing Panel (F-Panel) Support
  • Magnetic stripe can be added
  • Save and search records (limit 200)
  • Double-sided printing
  • Integrated photo capture (TWAIN, WIA, and DirectShow)
  • Double-sided template designs
  • Import images (e.g., logos and graphics)
  • Add text and data field (variable and static)
  • Automated notifications of software updates
  • Optional annual/multi-year support packages

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fargo
Barcode Giant