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model-958 Honeywell

Honeywell Dolphin 9900hc Handheld Computer

The Honeywell Dolphin 9900hc mobile computers are purpose-built for robust mobile data collection and communication solutions in health care applications such as bedside point-of-care, specimen collection and inventory management - combining a rugged, user-friendly design with a complete suite of technologies to enable maximum mobile user productivity and efficiency. The Dolphin 9900hc is the first mobile computer available with disinfectant-ready housing. Excellent at resisting the harmful effects of many popular cleaning agents, this device features the same technology as the Dolphin 9900, but is built to withstand frequent exposure to cleaning solutions commonly used in health care environments.

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  1. Honeywell (1)
  1. Full-size (1)
Network Connectivity
  1. 802.11g (1)
Operating System
  1. Windows Mobile 6.0 (1)
Data Collection Type
  1. Wireless (1)
RAM Memory
  1. 256 MB (1)
  1. 9900L0P-721200H - Honeywell Dolphin 9900hc Handheld Computer

    Dolphin 9900hc, 9900 / 802.11b/g US / Bluetooth / 5100SF / 56 key / 256MB x 1GB / Windows Mobile 6 / Health care
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