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model-931 Honeywell

Honeywell DPM 6320 Service Contract

Service Made Simple is Honeywell's affordable solution for customers who require easy, hassle-free repair service for their handheld, hands-free and bioptic scanners, as well as mobile computers. Service Made Simple helps customers ensure their data capture devices are running at peak performance. Available in three or five-year programs, Service Made Simple assures quality repair service, conducted by qualified Honeywell technicians.

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  1. Honeywell (4)
  1. SVC6320-SMS3 - Honeywell Service Contract - 3 year Service Contract

    Service Contract - 3 year, 6320, 3 Year, 3 DAY TURN, COMP
    Free Shipping
  2. SVC6320K-SMS3 - Honeywell Service Contracts - 3 year Service Contract

    Service Contracts - 3 year, 6320 with base: 1-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage, 3-year package
    Free Shipping
  3. SVC6320K-SMS5 - Honeywell Service Contract - 5 year Service Contract

    Service Contract - 5 year, 6320 with Base: 1-day turnaround, Comprehensive Coverage package
    Free Shipping
  4. SVC6320-W - Honeywell Service Contract - 1 year Service Contract

    Service Contract - 1 year, Extended Warranty for 6320
    Free Shipping

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