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model-1124 ID Tech

ID Tech Series 88 and 98 Accessories

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  1. CAB1000

    Series 88/98 Decoder Accessories, Universal Keyboard Cable for the 8800 and 8800-1 (AT-XT and PS/2)
    Free Shipping
  2. CB8804

    Series 88/98 Decoder Accessories, IDT 8800 Serial Cable (Single End DB9 Female, for RS-232 Interface)
    Free Shipping
  3. CB0006

    IDT8800 Y-cable for IBM AT Keyboard
    Free Shipping
  4. CB0007

    IDT8800 Y-cable for IBM PS/2 Keyboard
    Free Shipping
  5. CB0008

    IDT8800 Y-cable for Macintosh ADB Keyboard
    Free Shipping
  6. CB8820

    IDT8800 Terminal Wedge Cable, Dual Ended DB25, Requires AC0005-x AC adapter
    Free Shipping
  7. CB8821

    IDT8800 SERIAL Cable DB25, Requires AC0005-x AC adapter
    Free Shipping
  8. CB8824

    IDT8800-1 Cable for Decision Data 102 Keyboard
    Free Shipping
  9. CB8812

    IDT8800-1 Cable for IBM 3151 Keyboard
    Free Shipping
  10. CB88111

    IDT8800/8800-1 Cable for IBM 3196 Keyboard
    Free Shipping

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