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121115 ID Tech

IDFA-3153 - ID Tech Sign & Pay Payment Terminal

Sign & Pay, Sign and Pay (USB HID, Includes Cable - Needs Key Injection Specifics). Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.
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The IDTech Sign & Pay allows the user can swipe the cards and enter PIN number or author signature for transactions. The large color LCD screen makes on-screen navigation easy with the stylus. The device is command-driven and fully programmable to display custom graphics and prompts. The screen is uniquely positioned on the bottom of the device for a better signing experience. The PCI 2.0 certified PIN Pad is recessed to provide maximum privacy. The stylus holder can be conveniently mounted on the right or top of the unit. It can be mounted on a stand or placed or a countertop. The contact form factor also enables handheld use.
  • PCI 2.1 certified payment terminal
  • DES and TDES encryption algorithms for PIN encryption
  • AES, DES, and TDES encryption algorithms for MagStripe encryption
  • DUKPT key management
  • Supports encrypted manual card data entry
  • 3.5\" QVGA color LCD
  • Resistive touch pad technology
  • Real-time electronic signature capture
  • Signature format supported: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .sig and .raw
  • Host controlled graphics and prompts display
  • Calibration mode available
  • Optional contactless module

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Item Condition New
Manufacturer ID Tech
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