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model-1497 KSI

KSI 1392 Wombat Jr. Keyboard

The 1392 Wombat Jr. has all the features of the Wombat KSI-1390 but in a space saver footprint, with 141 Programmable keys, a 2 or 3 track integrated MSR and optional barcode port. Like the Wombat this keyboard features discreet mechanical switches rated to 50 million actuations. Third track reads DMV drivers license cards. Single/dual/quad keys are available as well as custom keycaps. Built Rugged, designed to last years in the field. Windows based programming utility.

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  1. KSI-1392/2CPB

    1392 Wombat Jr., 161 key, TI/II MSR, Barcode port, PS/2 Cable, Black
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