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model-7510 Meru

Meru Antennas

Optional, additional Antennas for Meru Access Points.

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  1. ACC-ANT5-ADAPTER - Meru

    RP-TNC-Female to RP-SMA-Male adapter. Adapter to connect Cisco external antenna to Meru AP
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  2. ACC-ANT-6ABGN-24 - Meru

    For use with AP300 only. Flush Ceiling Mount antenna for dropped ceiling with support for Dual Band band and dual radios. The antenna has omnidirectional coverage with support for 3x3 MIMO and has a very low profile for indoor applications providing coverage of both 2.4GHz and bands. The antenna is designed to be easily mounted to drop ceiling tiles. Gain for 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) is 2.5 dBi and gain for 802.11a/n (5GHz) is 4 dBi. Includes six low loss 36" Plenum RPSMA pigtails exiting the antenna from a single hole making installation easy. Each unit supports two radios, use 1 unit per AP. (Quantity 1 only)
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  3. ACC-ANT-A08O-NF - Meru

    802.11a 8 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna, 4900 - 5350GHz (N Female)
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  4. ACC-ANT-A08O-NM-1 - Meru

    802.11a 8 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna, 5150 - 5350GHz (N Male)
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  5. ACC-ANT-A08O-NM-2 - Meru

    802.11a 8 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna, 5470 - 5875GHz (N Male)
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  6. ACC-ANT-A13S-NF - Meru

    802.11a 13 dBi High Gain 120-degree Sector Antenna, 4900-5150/5150-5875GHz (N Female)
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  7. ACC-ANT-A23P-NF - Meru

    802.11a 23 dBi High Gain Directional Panel, 5150 - 5875GHz (N Female)
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  8. ACC-ANTABG - Meru

    Standard Black Dual Band 802.11a/b/g Omindirectional Antenna for AP150/AP300 - 2.4 GHz (2dBi) and 5 GHz (3 dBi) (Quantity 1 only)
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  9. ACC-ANT-ABGN-23 - Meru

    Dual Band ceiling mount omnidirectional MIMO antenna with 2/3 dBi gain, with low profile ceiling mount for indoor applications requiring coverage of multiple bands with minimum visibility. Includes three 3" RPSMA pigtails to connect to a 3x3 802.11n AP. It is designed to be easily mounted to drop ceiling tiles or to a solid ceiling surface where cable routing access is available. Use 1 antenna per radio, for example AP310 will need 1 unit, and AP320 will need 2 units.
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  10. ACC-ANT-ABGN23O-W - Meru

    Spare: Meru Standard White Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Omindirectional Antenna - 2.4 GHz (2dBi) and 5 GHz (3 dBi) (Quantity 1 only) For use with AP150 / 300
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