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model-9841 Motorola

Motorola AirDefense Enterprise Custom Commissioning

Motorola"s AirDefense Enterprise Custom Commissioning service provides on-site support for the installation and integration of the Motorola AirDefense Enterprise Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (Wireless IPS) appliance and sensors into a customer"s wireless infrastructure. This service delivers an advanced deployment technical consultation for multiple locations with advanced functionality, including but not limited to: commissioning of primary and redundant appliances, as required, integration of the Centralized Management Console (CMC), if CMC is part of the AirDefense Enterprise Wireless IPS solution, license installation of CMC and Advanced Function Modules, if any, the conversion of up to 12 sensors, and one (1) day of hands-on end-user training. Additional services may be included in the Statement of Work, as required.

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  1. COM-WIPS-SV1 - Motorola AirDefense Enterprise Custom Commissioning

    AirDefense Enterprise Custom Commissioning, On-Site Support For The Installation and Integration of The Motorola Airdefense Enterprise Wireless Ips Appliance and Sensors Into A Customer'S Wireless Infrastructure
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