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model-3350 Motorola

Motorola ES3000 Wireless Controller

The Motorola ES3000 offers a single platform with Ethernet connectivity and managed Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), delivering the simplicity and convenience of single vendor sourcing for Ethernet and Wireless switches. PoE greatly reduces the cost of installing power sources for Access Ports/Points, and robust PoE management capabilities simplify troubleshooting and management of PoE devices. The ES3000 offers remote control and management, allowing hi-tech infrastructure rollout in a low-tech environment without the need for local management, reducing TCO. The ES3000 features and functionality combine to effectively reduce the capital expenditures and operational costs associated with managing wireless networks.

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  1. ES-3000-PWR-10-WW

    ES 3000, Ethernet Switch: L2, 24 + 2 ports and Power over Ethernet (PoE).
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  2. ES-3000-PWR-USCORD

    ES 3000, Ethernet Switch with US Power cord.
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  3. ES-3000-USCORD

    ES 3000, Ethernet Switch non-PoE, with US Power cord.
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