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model-9318 Motorola

Motorola MSP 3 Provision

MSP 3 Provision brings a new level of automation to on-going provisioning, enabling your IT staff to keep applications, device settings, operating systems and firmware on all mobile devices up to date with minimal effort or interaction from the end-user. Policy-based provisioning and overthe-air update capabilities work hand-in-hand to deliver unprecedented efficiency for this traditionally time-laden, error-prone and costly activity. Now, ensuring compliance is as simple as setting a policy that defines when mobile devices should provide current status to the associated relay server for example, when a mobile device is powered on or at a set time each day. Current status information includes a complete inventory of all device settings, configurations and all software on the device, including applications as well as operating system and firmware versions. Devices can be grouped to best meet the needs of your enterprise by device type, type of user, operating system and location, providing the granular management capabilities needed to maximize efficiency in the provisioning function.

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