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model-14485 Newcastle Systems

Newcastle Systems PowerPack Ultra Series

The PowerPack 1.8 Portable Power System provides quiet, seamless AC power for 6""8+ hours at a time. This lightweight, compact unit is ideal for powering a laptop or small barcode printer. At the end of use, simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet to recharge. Eliminate the need for hazardous extension cords.

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  1. Newcastle Systems (2)
  1. POWERPACK-ULTRA - Newcastle Systems PowerPack Ultra Serie

    PowerPack Ultra Serie, PowerPack 1.8 Portable 1-Battery Power System, 18 AH Sealed Lead Acid, Supports up to 150 watts, 6 Hour Charge Time. Color: Black.
  2. 12130776 - Newcastle Systems PowerPack Ultra Series

    PowerPack Ultra Series, PowerPack 2.6 Ultra Series, xsmall power package with 26ah battery

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