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model-1978 Opticon

Opticon H16A Handheld Computer

The H16 Mobile Computer is a true innovation in Mobile Data Collection. Marrying state of the art barcode scanning technology, with leading edge Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, the H16 is a powerful tool for your mobile workforce. In addition to the strong foundation of technology, the H16 is also a stylish and functional device keeping smartphone design in mind. The H16 features two barcode scanning options based from Opticons powerful laser scan engines and imagers. The H16A features the MDL laser barcode scanner Opticons 100 scan per second crown jewel. The H16B features Opticons MDI CMOS imager, bringing 1.3 megapixel resolution for reading all two-dimensional barcodes.

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  1. Opticon (2)
  1. Phone-size (2)
Network Connectivity
  1. 802.11 b/g (1)
  2. Bluetooth (1)
Operating System
  1. Windows Mobile 5.0 (1)
  2. Windows Mobile (1)
Scanner Type
  1. Laser (2)
Data Collection Type
  1. Wireless (2)
RAM Memory
  1. 4.5 MB (1)
  2. 64 MB (1)
Display Resolution
  1. 112 x 64 (1)
  2. 240 x 320 (1)
  1. H16A-EN-K01 - Opticon H16A Handheld Computer

    H16A, Smart Phone Kit with Laser Scanner, Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system
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  2. H16A-US-K01 - Opticon H16A Handheld Computer

    H16A, Smart Phone Kit with Laser Scanner.
    Free Shipping

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