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model-13222 Opticon

Opticon OPI3301 Scanner

The OPI3301 is a compact handheld 2D imager using Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. This wireless device is equipped with an aggressive imager providing quick and easy scanning. The lightweight handheld design of the OPI3301 provides an ergonomic fit for all day use, maximizing comfort during operation.
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  1. OPI3301WBT-05 - Opticon Bar code Scanner

    CMOS 2D Imager, Autofocus, Cordless. Cradle sold separately (Part# CRD3301WRU-00). Color: White
    $399.00 $323.59
    Ships In 3-5 Days
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  2. OPI3301BBT-00 - Opticon OPI3301 Misc

    OPI3301, CMOS 2D Imager, Autofocus, Cordless. Cradle sold separately (P/N CRD3301BRU-00). Color: Black
    Free Shipping
  3. OPI3301 - Opticon OPI3301 Bar code Scanner

    OPI3301, Scanner Only, CMOS 2D Imager, Cordless. Cradle sold separately (Part# CRD3301WRU-00)
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