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model-1970 Opticon

Opticon OPL 7836 Scanner

To help productivity, the Opticon OPL 7836 can read low-contrast barcodes, or for example, colored barcodes, as well as high density (condensed) barcodes. On first-time scan, the snappy scanner reads saving employees time where seconds add up. The OPL 7836 features a pistol-style grip, designed specifically to reduce physical stress and user fatigue, is comfortable for continuous all-day or repetitive use and keeping employees attentive and productive. The light-weight scanner weighs just 3.5 ounces (less than an average-sized bagel) yet is sturdy and strong. It withstands repetitive 5 feet drops onto the floor and even concrete.

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  1. OPL7836U1-000 - Opticon OPL 7836 Bar code Scanner

    OPL 7836, Laser (1-D Cabled Laser, USB-HID, Cable and No Stand) - Color: Black
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