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model-12731 POS-X

POS-X EVO 2D Scanner

POS-X introduces the versatile EVO 2D Scanner to its growing retail-hardened line. The 2D delivers fast, highly accurate scans of traditional barcodes as well as the increasingly popular 2D codes. It can also scan digital displays including mobile devices, making it great for reading mobile coupons. Rapid, accurate scanning combined with an ergonomic design make the EVO 2D perfect for reading shipping details, recording inventory, or scanning IDs in restaurants, bars, and cafes. At a price point that is hard to beat, the EVO 2D is the clear choice for the future.
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  1. EVO-SG1-ADU - POS-X EVO 2D Bar code Scanner

    EVO 2D, Barcode scanner
    $283.00 $183.46
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  2. EVO-SG1-ADU-K - POS-X EVO 2D Bar code Scanner

    $306.00 $198.24
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  3. EVO-SG1-ADU-DL - POS-X EVO 2D Bar code Scanner

    EVO 2D, Scanner w/ Driver Licence Parsing
    $435.00 $281.96
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