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model-2072 Posiflex

Posiflex Jiva 5700 POS Terminal

The Posiflex Jiva 5700 features a 15" LCD, a spill-proof and water-resistant structure and a small footprint, making it ideal for thick-client applications where high performance is essential. Hospitality stations and retail/kiosk placement benefit the most from the Jiva 5700's bright display and fast processor - the Jiva 5700 comes with a powerful Intel processor and supports Windows 98/2000/XP

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  1. Posiflex (2)
  1. TP5715G2C1WCE-AT

    Jiva 5700, Refer to TP5715G2C2WCE-AT 15", with FAN, 800 MHz, 128MB, CF 64MB
  2. TP5715R2C1WCE

    Jiva 5700, Thin client, Windows CE .NET, 15" TFT, with fan, 800 MHz, 128MB, CF 64M

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