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model-10842 Preh KeyTec

Preh KeyTec InduTouch Alphanumeric Keyboard

InduTouch Alphanumeric is an alphanumeric keyboard from Preh-KeyTec with a glass surface for use in industrial applications. Special capacitive sensors execute the relevant key codes when the surface is touched. For optimum use, this keyboard is also equipped with an integrated glide pad. The technology used can also be operated when wearing thin gloves. The surface is resistant to acid, hand perspiration, dust and fluids. The InduTouch Alphanumeric keyboard has been specifically designed with industrial technology in mind, but is also ideal for use in other environments with unfavourable environmental conditions.

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  1. MCI 111 - Preh KeyTec InduTouch Alphanumeric POS Keyboard

    InduTouch Alphanumeric, The MSR is compatible with all magnetic cards according with ISO 7810, ISO 7811, ISO 7812, and ISO 7813 Bidirectional MSR, cards will be read in either direction 3 tracks, including the ability to read drivers license format AAMVA and CADL Guaranteed for 500K swipes Swipe speed 5 to 55 ips Error rate less than 0.5% Status LED provides confirmation of a correct read Headers and terminators are programmable
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