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model-2163 Preh

Preh PCPOS Series Keyboard

PCPOS Series Keyboard A full 101 keyboard with a 63 key POS section and built-in track 1 & 2 MSR, the PCPOS Series Keyboard provides the user with the familiarity of a regular PC keyboard and the flexibility of Preh's WX Series keyboards. In addition to the built-in MSR (also available without MSR), a bar code decoder, integrated pointing device, smart card reader and serial interfaces are offered as options. Various system interfaces are supported. The keyboard is equipped with an 8 PIN miniDIN connector which allows use of the appropriate interface cable directly from the outside of the keyboard. The standard keyboard is designed for the IBM synchronous PC and PS/2 data format. Additional interfaces, such as RS232 C, RS 485 and RS422 are also available. Fully Reconfigurable POS Section: Available in 1x1, 2x1, 3x1 and 2x2 sizes and many colors, these easy to install and operate keycaps enable you to quickly change the look and legends of the POS section of your PCPOS Series to meet changing needs. Multi size keys feature a patented leveling device that provides smooth and uniform actuation over the entire keytop surface. Custom legending with lasers or double shot moulding is also available.

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  1. Preh (5)
  1. 90314-000/0000 - Preh PCPOS POS Keyboard

    PCPOS, Jr. (8.5"x14.5") Keyboard, with Sloped Keys
    Free Shipping
  2. 90313-001/0000 - Preh PCPOS POS Keyboard

    PCPOS, with Tracks 1, 2 & 3 Magnetic Stripe Reader, and Laser Stepped Keys. (Formerly listed as Part# 90313-001/0000)
    Free Shipping
  3. PCPOSM - Preh PCPOS POS Keyboard

    PCPOS, with Tracks 1, 2, and 3 Magnetic Stripe Reader and Glidepoint Mouse
    Free Shipping
  4. 90313-014/0000 - Preh PCPOS POS Keyboard

    PCPOS, with Tracks 1 and 2 Magnetic Stripe Reader, Sloped Keys, and Decoder
    Free Shipping
  5. 90313-017/0000 - Preh PCPOS POS Keyboard

    PCPOS, with PC Keyboard Layout and Sloped Keys
    Free Shipping

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